Management of First Molar with Calcification

Referred case of calcified Molar dentist was unable to find the DB canal which was explored under magnification using Microscope patient was referred back to referring dentist after completion of treatment. Thank you, Dr. Nilesh S. Kadam M.D.S. MicroEndodontist ( Virar)

Management of Broken Instrument Inside Root Canal Under Magnification

Patient was referred to the clinic with complain of Pain and instrument fragment inside the tooth . Case was taken and treated under magnification broken fragment was retrieved using advanced tools and patient was referred back to the referring dentist for further treatment. Thank you Dr. Nilesh S. Kadam MDS Restorative dentist & MicroEndodontist

MB-2 in endodontics

*Short story of MB2* Do not miss me I am there almost always!!! Want to find me? I will tell you how you can find me 🙂 *Steps* 1. Believe that I am there😇 2. Do access opening 3. Do not rush to find me first always find my fatty siblings first i.e. MB 1 ,…

Management of Radix Entomolaris…. A Case Report.

Dr. Nilesh S. Kadam MDS (Micro-Endodontist) Introduction: To achieve success in endodontics, a thorough knowledge of the dental anatomy and an understanding of the potential for variations from the norm are required.The mandibular first molar has two roots and three canals, but it can display several anatomical variations. OneOne of the several variations of mandibular...

“Doc, why do I get cavities despite brushing my teeth twice daily?”

Dr. Nilesh  Kadam (BDS, MDS).   Many patients ask this doubt to dentists. “Doc, why do I get cavities despite brushing my teeth twice daily?” My patient, or rather everyone has these questions to ask about brushing their teeth. Why should it be done then? When and how should it be done effectively? How often should…

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