Why Choose Us?


  • We stay on schedule. You will be seen promptly at your appointment time.
  • We are open 6 days a week and also offer early morning appointments.
  • We make sure your treatment is comfortable at all times.
  • We will see you quickly if you have an emergency.



  • We follow strict protocols for disinfecting treatment rooms between every patient.
  • We follow all OSHA protocols for sterilization of instruments
  • In addition to our great staff, we have excellent specialists on site

Maintaining Standard

  • We take extensive continuing education courses to provide you the very latest advances in the field of dentistry.
  • We use the best Indian laboratories and materials
  • We use the best dental materials from companies such as 3M, Ivoclar vivadent, and Kerr. There are cheaper generics for almost everything. We don’t use them.


Children Dental Care

  • We enjoy seeing children and make sure that their dental visits are fun and comfortable which will create a positive attitude towards dentistry that can last a lifetime.
  • We welcome parents to stay with their children during treatment so they can see how well their appointment goes.



  • We explain our treatment and fees in advance.
  • If any misunderstanding regarding fees ever occurs, we will resolve things to your satisfaction.
  • Overall, our fees are in accordance with standard of care we provide

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