MB-2 in endodontics

*Short story of MB2*

Do not miss me I am there almost always!!!

Want to find me?

I will tell you how you can find me 🙂


1. Believe that I am there😇

2. Do access opening

3. Do not rush to find me first always find my fatty siblings first i.e. MB 1 , DB, Palatal 👬👫

4. Clean and shape them first ✅

5. You might see me hiding below my twin brother ( Mb1) if you are using magnification either scope or loups 🔬

6. Now take a sharp DG 16 Endo probe 📌 and search on imaginary line from my twin brother (Mb1) till my fatty sister (Palatal). I generally hide there

7. It’s ok if you do not see me still….. sometimes rather most of the time I like to cover myself with stony bedsheet
8. Try to uncover it by ultrasonics and you ll see me smiling🤪
(You got me )

9. Now clean me and I remember don’t like myself to be cleaned like my fatty siblings … 4⃣% preparation is sufficient for me

10. Also do clean with good 5% sodium hypochlorite as me and my twin brother have connections ( Isthmus) always… make sure you wash every bit of us 👬

11. Go ahead with final Obturation

12. See you again 🙋🏼‍♂ (everytime )


Dr. Nilesh S. Kadam 


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    Lovely compilation.. Hoping to see more


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