Why I am always told to do Root canal treatment when I visit to Dentist for Pain relief

This question must be in everyone’s mind that my dentist always says

“Look you need root canal treatment, if you want to save your tooth.” And what patient expect is just relieve my pain with some kind of filling or medicine.

Why this happens every time, have you ever given a thought as a patient !

Yes I am going to write in brief about it 

As a patient you need to first understand that you should trust your Dentist, do not play with your health and  with your own belief and treatment plans.

Let’s first understand how the cavity starts.

Cavity starts when food or substrate attaches on tooth for longer duration again in areas where there is no access for cleaning either by toothbrush. Area between teeth and area of deep fissures and grooves are not accessible by toothbrush, food goes there and lodges and releases certain chemicals to break the outer layer of enamel and process continues.

At this moment patient does not get any pain or sensation but they can notice food is getting stuck in between teeth. This situation can easily be repaird with simple composite filling and your teeth is back to normal.

As it goes further cavity spreads and occupies larger portion of tooth , when it reaches dentine which contain nerve endings , patient start getting that sweet pain which can be easily ignored. Most patient know now that there is definite problem now but still they ignore this because of time, money or fear of Dentist . at this situation also we can  still repair the tooth with composite filling which cost little.

Let’s go further cavity progress more further and damages actual nerve of tooth and now patient as unbearable pain. So they look for pain killers and think that pain will be less and it will be normal.

Some get relief so they again ignore, some don’t get relief and now they visit dentist as when dentist takes x ray and tell them now if you want to save this tooth you need to do Root canal treatment, Postendo Filling and Crown and this is going to be costing so much … patient feel it’s so costly at this time.

Few patient who got relief with painkillers many of them get pain after 2-3 month and then they visit dentist again ask for filling to be done which is not at all possible without root canal being done.

There are very few patient who don’t get pain at all, and tooth goes in for fracture without pain and crown breaks .

Now they visit dentist and tell that dentist with great humor that I was eating chapatti and suddenly my tooth broke please save this.

Friends at this moment when tooth breaks dentist can’t save the tooth , it need to be removed and It need replacement like bridges and implants. Which are 5-6 times costlier than earlier options.

So in conclusion
1. Visit your dentist every 6 month to avoid such measure issues in your teeth
2. When food get stuck in your teeth please take dentist appointment
3. Dentistry is not expensive Neglect is
4. Regular follow-up is mantra for good oral health .


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